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Valentine’s Couples’ Workout Ideas – “Sweat Together, Stay Together!”

Sweating together can mean couples experiencing new activities together. Physical activities are beneficial for the body and the mind and often for the relationship. One of the most important benefits apart from staying fit, is that couples are able to share this experience which is often an activity they do alone.

So first, if you don’t want to over-think it, or it’s a last minute thing, go hiking, run together, try a Yoga or kickboxing classes and, of course, go for a walk or a bike ride together. Literally any kind of activity can be done together. The options are endless.

But if you want to set your sights higher, here are 4 workout ideas for couple’s on Valentine’s Day – or any day – that will hopefully inspire you to keep active this winter.

  1. Lift weights together. Don’t dismiss this one too quickly. Weightlifting is one of the best ways to lose body fat and to improve muscle mass, even for women! Create a weight-lifting circuit, with free-weights appropriate for each you. Choose from dumbbells, kettlebells and weighted balls (throw in a couple of machines if you’ll be at the gym) You can cheer your partner on in your rest breaks!  (You’ll find dozens of circuits/routines online, use search terms like weightlifting circuit or easy weightlifting, etc.)
  2. Use battle ropes. Battle ropes are one of the most inexpensive and versatile ways of training  and it’s sort of designed for two people (though usually one end is anchored to a heavy object or the floor).
    Battle ropes are recommended for the ultimate cardiovascular and arm workout and can be built into a fun routine that will leave sweat trickling down your face.
  3. Bodyweight Exercises. Bodyweight training is among the workouts easiest to perform; no equipment or special gear needed. If the term is new to you, bodyweight exercises is anything where your own body weight is the only resistance you use – no dumbbells, no weight stacks. Examples include push-ups, squats, planks and burpees They can be the foundation of any couple’s workout and the options are huge, meaning you’ll never get bored of each other or your workout. Training outdoors is often recommended, and the best part is that most bodyweight exercises can be performed anywhere you like. So, pick one of your favorite places and perform a circuit in the park.

4. Work the abs together. Core work is tough and doing the exercises together will help keep you motivated to push through the burn! Core muscles are important for posture and mobility, but building stronger abs is more fun when you’re training them with someone else!

Please check out this link for more workouts – and instructional pictures. It also has many links for general exercising ideas and routines.

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