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Virtual Fitness Trends

Virtual fitness encompasses a lot of alternatives these days – for use in the home and in commercial settings for individual or group fitness and wellness classes. This webinar takes you through several of them with details on what’s in it for the end-user and for your community/property.

Heartline sees virtual fitness as both an excellent and trendy exercise platform and as a way to build camaraderie and community among users locally and even across the world.

Four of the major brands in the market are discussed. 3 Sages, which is providing sips of wellness and extraordinary content to provide and enhance the experience and demand we are seeing in the rejuvenation and recovery modality. Echelon, which carries a bike, rower and mirror-like Reflect mirror all with the programming of live classes and on-demand instruction in the Cloud. Aviron has a unique rower with its own realistic rides down waterways around the world – and animated games and challenges where you might try to outrun Zombies. Expresso has a unique outdoor-like riding experience with moving handlebars that make it feel like you’re really taking those curves and turns. Here the challenges are gamified to keep the user motivated and make the ride more enjoyable. 

Echelon’s Reflect mirror is a chance for both one-on-one instruction (and motivation) with live sessions and for individual workouts – or the individual may workout with a whole class of people online. The programming here ranges from boxing to high-intensity cardio to yoga poses to calisthenics and more.

These machines and the corresponding content subscriptions (most for an unlimited number of users) are very competitively priced and rival traditional fitness equipment prices. And they are a unique way to attract your usual workout pros and novices to your fitness space.

Also, discussion of a wellness app and products that take a different approach to meditation, breathwork and other  wellness exercises in micro-session of as short as five minutes. Three Sages offer Wellness Walls and Restore Walls that provide a dedicated space for users to take a moment to relax and restore. One suggestion – pair these with a massage chair and you’re really giving your residents/users a total relaxation experience.

A bonus-feature of all of these machines is that they are easily portable and can go almost anywhere. Even outside. All of the machines are on wheels and run on Wi-Fi. Even the Reflect can hang anywhere that it can get electricity and a Wi-Fi connection.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of having virtual fitness available at your facility is that it helps brand your property/space. It will distinguish it from the rest of your market.

Virtual Fitness Trends
Virtual Fitness Trends
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