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Virtually an Endless Number of Choices in Virtual Reality Fitness

Virtual fitness options expanded with Expresso

The pandemic has boosted all kinds of “virtual fitness.” It’s the perfect solution to the problem of fitness centers and membership gyms being closed. And then opened, then closed again, making it an unreliable answer to how do you get your exercise routine consistently at home?

First let’s go over the difference between On-Demand and Live content. Here’s an example.

You want to take a class with your favorite trainer, but it’s 4am and live classes haven’t started for the day. So that’s when you go to on-demand and pick any workout that trainer has done, pull it up and you’re ready to go. But change the time of that same scenario, to 5:30 am or 12 noon – classes have started; go right to the Live Classes, find your trainer and you’ll join the class going on live right then. So, it’s really about options.

More Options Than You Know About

Peloton may be the most famous of bikes that offer both live and on-demand fitness classes, but not the only one (some say not even the best) out there.

Wellbeats, Reflect Touch, and the Mirror offer virtual content; including a live or recorded trainer to motivate and instruct you. So they offer both live and on-demand classes.

The Expresso bike has Virtual Reality, but not live content. Expresso offers all of the same kind of programs as other brands, classes, guided routines, rides through the south of France or on the moon. But there is no live trainer in the content; it’s just you . What they offer that is a game-changer is that they have gamified rides/work outs. You get a real  video game experience.

One extremely popular game is Chasing Dragons. Heartline Fitness consultant Kelly Spivey shares that when she shows off this feature …”everyone who sees it loves this game. You pedal faster and get a coin or maneuver a sharp turn to catch up to and kill a fire-breathing dragon gets you more points. Those coins and other tokens and slayings are recorded. You can compete against yourself to track your progress or compete against others who are on the Expresso network. Whether they’re on the bike right next to you or one in Siberia. In fact, all of your work outs can be stored for tracking progress.

Look for more information on these and other Brands and products in the virtual fitness market in future issues. Here’s a sneak peek – a rower that airs a podcast you listen to where the trainer acts like a coxswain, yelling “stroke, stroke” to motivate and keep the rower in time. Lots of great content and technology out there.

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