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Quarantine Home Body-Weight Work Out

W.O.W. #3 January 19, 2021

Quarantine Home Body-Weight Work Out

This is a workout for people who are stuck at home with no fitness equipment. It was shared by Will Burgess, a recent addition to the Heartline team and a former collegiate baseball player. Will describes it as, “…an all-body-weight workout, a little bit of both cardio and strength training.”

Here’s a description of his workout with Diagrams.

Quarantine Home Body-Weight Workout

by Will Burges, Heartline Fitness

Warm Up & Workout

See images for correct position/posture. If  you cannot do the number of reps/sets listed; do what you can and work your way up to the prescribed number.

Warm Up (2 Sets each)

  • Stationary High Knees                30 secs                               
  • Jumping Jacks                              30 secs
  • Rotate High Knee                        30 secs
  • Burpees                                         10x

How To – Warm Up

Stationery High Knees –

Jumping Jacks –

Rotate High Knees –

Burpees –

Now you’re all warmed up – always do some kind of activity to get yourself warmed up before any workout.


  • Squats            5 x 20 (Pause at bottom)
  • Lunges            5 x 20 (Each Leg, Pause at bottom)
  • Push Ups        3 x 10 (3 sec pause at bottom)
  • Dips                 3 x 10 (3 sec pause at bottom)
  • Crunches        3 x 20 (Pause at top)
  • Flutter Kicks   3 x 30 secs

How To – Workout

Squats –

Lunges –

Push Ups –

Dips –

Crunches –

Flutter Kicks –

That’s it! Let us know what you think of this workout. And look for next week’s on the website heartlinefitness.com in the Insights section (out blog).

*The exercises and progressions presented in this feature are intended for educational purposes. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before participating in exercises or activities that are contraindicated or more advanced than you are accustomed to. Discontinue exercise if you experience chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, or unusual pain or fatigue.

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