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Wellbeats Updates Accessibility

Finally”, we say, something for everyone and at an affordable subscription price for all your residents, students, or employees.

Wellbeats has always been a leader in providing virtual programing in the fitness amenity space and has now pivoted to provide this content to the masses in your community for one price.  Yes, you heard it right, one price and all your residents, employees, students, etc. get to consume all that Wellnbeats has to offer.

Even more exciting is the ability for your users to take this with them in a phone app, stream to TV’s in your community, and basically get fit and well anytime and anywhere they choose.  This is the trend we are embracing in fitness amenity spaces thanks to technology and constraints from the pandemic.

There is much more to discuss with this offer so click the link below to see a detailed description and downloadable PowerPoint on Wellbeats’ new and exciting changes.  Clients say this is a no-brainer for amenity fitness centers that are open/closed or even properties that have no fitness center amenity. 

Wellbeats is an equitable, scalable, affordable, and
easy-to-use virtual fitness benefit solution that empowers habit forming, physical and mental health

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