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Wellness Amenities Support a New Fitness Culture and Property Amenity

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Wellness is Fitness for the Soul

Property owners and facility managers realize the deep need for wellness amenities along with cutting-edge fitness equipment and design. Attracting tenants and health-conscious customers who are willing to pay top dollar for functional (and fun) wellness additions has become mandatory in today’s residential scene.
In fact, since today’s modern world is only getting more stressful, loud and overcrowded, adding unique wellness options where people live,  work and play make good business sense. “Ultimately, our approach to the amenity space is to engage and elevate the entire lifestyle of the community whether in the pool, or fitness and wellness center,” says Bob Burgess, president of Heartline Fitness Systems.

Looking to Spa and Hospitality Wellness for Models

Hot tubs, massage therapies, wet spas, and organic health have helped push the global wellness industry into a $3.7 trillion market. According to the Global Wellness Institute’s annual trend report, “Global wellness tourism revenues grew from $494.1 billion in 2013 to $563.2 billion in 2015 – or 14% growth rate – more than twice as fast as overall tourism expenditures (6.9%).
The global spa market grew from $94 billion in 2013 to  $98.6 billion in 2015, and the popularity of wellness and spa retreats has never been more booming.

Download The Global Wellness Institute’s 2018 Wellness Report

Wellness Cruises for Longevity

Wellness on the water is a less decadent “cruise ship” and more of a  “mind-body retreat” featuring some of the most impressive wellness programming and spa facilities in the world take to the high seas. Look for everything from yoga sessions on deck to medical beauty treatments to indigenous adventure experiences while you are docked such as visiting local sweat lodges to boost purification.
One Norwegian public wellness-spa project called SALT, for example, offers an amphitheater sauna, the largest public saunas in the world, where 100 people gather for “group sweats” on tiered benches looking out through a wall of glass to the Norwegian Sea.
Speaking of salt, wellness equipment manufacturer TouchAmerica is a longtime wellness equipment vendor who features portable and fixed treatment tables for massage, relaxation, pedicures, and many other spa treatment options. They agree that salt-water pools are just the beginning of the salt trend. Try:

      • Salt walls in relaxation lounges
      • Underused saunas converted into salt rooms
      • Salt table treatments with heated granular salt

Wellness Amenities Activate Fitness

This significant shift toward living and working (and exercising) in a less stressful environment has sparked a consumer revolution where looking good, feeling good and even doing good is all part of today’s wellness aesthetic, according to the Global Wellness Institute.
Build well to live well when it comes to fitness and wellness amenities at home, according to Multi-Family Executive Magazine. Wet areas, yoga classes, plunge pools, and revolutionary aquatic centers are big business in health and wellness meccas in Southern California.
A number of multifamily properties have dubbed themselves “wellness communities” in Los Angeles and Orange County, and these residential communities promote, through their wellness amenities, more exercise options, de-stressing programs, and deeper connections with nature via walking trails herb gardens and other amenities and activities.

Activate Multi-Family Wellness Amenities

Heartline supplies aquatic, spa and wellness amenities for the multi-family industry. Ask about our wet-room spas and state-of-the-art ion- and aquatic-massage tables too! Wellness is here to stay and is one of the fastest growing segments of the health club and new residential building development.
Heartline Fitness delivers decades of fitness and wellness experience in design, operation and management of amenity spaces including fitness centers, aquatic spaces and spa facilities.

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