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Wellness Platforms and Active Amenities in Your Facility

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The Wellness Business is Booming

The health and fitness industry has been waiting two decades for a sophisticated wellness platform like ActiveAmenity.com. This revolutionary mobile app customizes your workout goals and tallies far-reaching results.
ActieAmenity.com also offers virtual reality fitness programming and provides healthy recipes, instructional videos, plus much more.
While single subscriptions of ActiveAmenity.com are available, Heartline Fitness Systems employs this exercise and wellness platform for multi-family fitness amenities to allow property owners and residential managers to offer fitness and programming bonuses in the residence for free – or at a low cost. We also offer these accessible wellness amenities for colleges, commercial health clubs, universities and schools.
Active apps and new Artificial Intelligence or “smart” platforms help you immediately engage with your tenants, homeowners, students, customers or other clientele, creating a wildly interactive and engaging amenity space that helps to ensure client retention, customer appreciation and overall satisfaction.

The Multi-Family Fitness Center

Digital platforms with programmable intelligence, such as ActiveAmenity, are proven to help initiate interaction, improve retention and attract new tenants to a residential property with an activated gym. They may also motivate new users who are willing to pay premium dollars for additional group fitness classes and personal training.
ActiveAmenity has an “Expert Finder” function that gives users lists of classes and trainers they can use. It also contains smart links to virtual training resources and how-to training videos. It’s a one-stop shop.
Exercising tenants in residential buildings report more active interest in their residence and their community, according to studies from the Global Wellness Institute. ActiveAmenity.com provides valuable calorie tracking, training journals, and deeper engagement with your social community.

Schedule a Demo for Your Community

Offering ActiveAmenity to property owners/managers and home owners associations to provide to their tenants/owners, is intended to create real value by increasing user attachment to the app that is so closely linked to their residence and thus, creating retention value for property owners.
Heartline Fitness Systems provides a simple, step-by step process for adopting the ActiveAmenity.com platform at your facility. Our staff works with you every step of the way. For example, in the multi-family fitness center category, we provide:

  • Custom Software Branding
  • On-site Training
  • Marketing Posters
  • Welcome Email Letter Template
  • Follow Up Email Letter Template
  • Tenant-Employee Usage Reporting

Find the inspiration to transform your body, your mind and your business with Heartline Fitness Systems. As part of our extensive marketing services, we provide clients with weekly health and exercise news, schedules and alerts, and simple body weight calculators right in the same amazing app.

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The ActiveAmenity platform can make customers and residents and potential residents fall in love with your fitness center and your property overall. It’s anĀ  affordable proposition, so ask about our free fitness facility assessment too. We are here for all of your fitness and wellness amenity needs. Leave the rest to us.

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