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Working the Core – The Foundation of Fitness

Kelly Spivey, our Florida Territory Manager, once again brings it in this comprehensive workout to strengthen the core. You can’t throw a dumbbell in a gym without hitting someone trying to “work their core”. So, try these exercises – you choose the resistance, the number of reps, all that. Just be consistent and track your progress. Not exactly sure how to do that? Reach out to Kelly ([email protected]). She’s happy to help you get your work out on! Check her out in this video.

Click anywhere inside the image to launch video.

Look in this section of our website – Insights – for Kelly’s earlier “Chest Opener” exercise; it’s another great fundamental work out.

Then check here for a new W.O.W. Work Out of the Week every week! And send us your suggestions — [email protected].

*The information in this feature is intended for educational purposes. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before participating in exercises or activities that are contraindicated or more advanced than you are accustomed to. Discontinue if you experience chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, or unusual pain or fatigue. 

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